” Who’s your dream customer?” That’s a question I always ask my branding clients. It’s harder to answer than it seems!

My dream customer, for 1:1 services, is someone who has been in business for at least a year, knows who she wants to market to, is creative, tech savvy, a decision maker, aged 28-48, loves to talk shop and work on her business but also knows when she needs to outsource and values the help of others.

By defining who your dream client is you’re not saying no to business, you’re simply speaking louder to the people who fit into that definition.

Your dream customer is that one customer that you just “click” with. They are the kind of customer that values your expertise and creative opinion while also providing feedback that helps your working relationship move forward. They have the budget to afford your product and they understand that the investment they are making will help them solve the problem they came to you with in the first place.

It is best to get very specific about your dream customer

Not every person that buys from you will fit into that narrow description. By defining your dream customer and marketing directly to that specific person, you aren’t saying ‘no’ to other business, you’re just targeting the people you really want to work with. If your dream customer is another business, envision the person that runs the business. Who are they and how did they find you? I like to use the age old “who, what, when, where” strategy when talking about dream customers.


Who is your dream customer? Narrowing in on who your dream customer is gives you a better idea of how to talk to customers in your marketing and on social media. Think about their age, gender and profession.


What does your dream customer need that only you can offer them? Maybe your photography style is unique and no one else can do it or the way you work with your personal training clients is gentle yet firm. Find what makes you special and highlight that.


When will your dream customer be reaching out to you? Are they ready to buy your product right away or will you need to provide more marketing? By identifying when your customer will need your help you can narrow in on that need.


Where will your dream customer find you? Maybe they will locate you on social media or a friend will refer them. Think about where you will be so they can find you.


Download the dream customer worksheet to start defining who your dream customer is and start attracting clients that pay. CLICK HERE!


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