Are you just getting your feet off the ground? Maybe you have been running your business for years but your brand lacks the strength it really needs? Do you need that extra push to really develop your brand, business or blog to its full potential? Well, I am going to tell you exactly how that’s done!


Maybe you’ve paid for a quality logo design that truly puts your company on its own level but, you’re still not being noticed? Well, a logo isn’t enough, it’s about building a whole brand for your business or blog in all areas of your company. You want to be recognised and it’s down to you to take control and make that happen.

Consistency is key

You need a consistent theme, but remember that customers don’t need to see your logo on every single thing you produce as this will get boring. However, they do want to see some recognisable and relatable logo variations. Maybe you use your logo as your blog photo and a variation on your blog header or other areas of your blog or company website. Try to bring your company together without being repetitive!

This links us back to my previous post aboutfinding your brand’s personality. Firstly, we want to see a recognisable colour palette. Choose this wisely and then stick to it in all areas of your brand! You are then able to display this through patterns, textures or pure areas of colour. Maybe you need to jazz up your newsletter and make it stand out as your brand. This is the way to do so without plastering your logo everywhere. Yes, certainly include it but, once is enough!

When it comes to your brand, which aspects are important?

Well, the obvious answer is everything but I understand that’s not very helpful! So, maybe you have decided to invest in some advertising, pens, and mouse pads etc. or perhaps you produce beer and need some mats designing? These are all opportunities to show the world your brand and make your company shine! Lets face it, we all need a gorgeous business card! You should aim to have consistency in your font choices, the colours you use, the patterns that pop up from time to time and the blog post image that you are doing next week.

Ask yourself

Take a minute to consider, does you email signature fit the rest of your brand or do you just type your name in the preset font on gmail? Do all of the individual aspects represent your brand as a whole and reflect what you visually get from your website? These are all important questions to ask yourself that will give you a better direction in which over time you can develop your branding for your company.

Do you remember the last thing you designed which you pinned on Pinterest or tweeted? Would your audience recognise your brand through it if they weren’t able to see your brand name above it? This will tell you if you need to work on consistency, customers need to know it’s you without being told and having a well-integrated brand will achieve this!

Stick at it, keep pushing and don’t give up until it’s perfect! Be proud to say it’s yours – you deserve that!



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