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Brand Identity. What is it?


Brand Identity is the core of your brand. It is what makes you recognisable to your audience and memorable to others. So, why is it so important? You want to stand out, you want to build a reputation and become memorable. A strong brand identity will do exactly this, building a professional presence.


What makes up your brand identity?

The first thing that will spring to mind is your logo. It is a common mistake that people pressure that alone makes up your brand. But, you couldn’t be more wrong. An example, CokeCola – One of the things we associate them with, is red. This meaning that colour is part of what makes up your brand identity.

Consider patterns or certain elements that feature in your logo. Could these become other elements of your brand identity such as your favicon? Does your brand have an imagery associated with it? May you use geometric shapes. Do they appear within your website or overlaying ad. or blog graphics? These are all methods of strengthening your brand identity and using all aspects of your brand identity in a consistent way to allow your brand to strive.

What else is there?

Again, using the same idea of consistency, think about the fonts you are using. Use those throughout any branding, advertising, web design etc. and people will begin to associate them with your brand. Top tip: Stick to a couple of fonts. Don’t confuse people! I have covered the use of fonts in a blog post about putting together your brand board. You might find this really useful: Step by Step Guide to Define your Visual Style

Here’s Fraser&Co Design’s brand board to give you an idea of how to create and design a consistent brand. This shows some of the brand elements that we have discussed above.


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Bringing things back to your logo. Consider how you can develop your logo and allow it to be consistent for numerous uses. This could be an email signature, a tall and narrow area, somewhere square. Have you considered having a sub-logo or logo alternatives? These come in really useful when needing a slightly different shape or simplified logo in numerous situations. These are almost your main logo with a slight twist. Again, an example of these can be seen on our Fraser&Co Design brand board, above.

So, bringing all of these elements together will do everything and more to strengthen your brand, allowing you to become recognisable in a huge world with lots of competition. Do your brand justice, don’t blend in with the crowd. STAND OUT. BE BOLD. BE CONSISTENT. You will see your brand sore.



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45 Thoughts on “8 Things That Make up Your Brand Identity”

  • Hey katherine, I totally agree with your point that a logo alone does not add to identity of the brand. The colors matter alot!
    Considering even the company I work for has undergone a logo change + keeping in mind the value of the colors (our major color is black now)
    It helped us gain a unique brand identity 🙂

    • That sounds like a really positive rebrand experience then, Ritika. Thanks for reading!

  • I am just realizing now the importance of brand identity. I wish I knew this before I started my blog but I guess we learn things the hard way. Thanks for sharing!

    • We are all constantly on learning journey, one way or another. It’s never to late to define your brand identity. Start today! If you’re not ready to invest, I have a DIY design area (link at the top of the page), it’s full of really useful resources, workbooks, templates etc. Equally, if you like a hand feel free to reach out. 🙂

    • Thank you, take this information and run with it. Go and see what you (or a professional) can do for your brand identity!

  • These tips were really helpful! Definitely really wished I read this when I first started focusing on branding my blog. I had a really tough time trying to find my branding colours in the beginning because of the colour psychology and that I pretty much want my whole blog to be rainbow.

    • Hi Ellen, I am really glad you have benefitted from reading our post. Haha, those are some of the hardest decisions to make. If further down the line you struggle with similar issues, please check out our DIY Design area which hosts a ton of free resources, such as a guide to using color, stock photo’s and templates.

  • I have to be consistent from now on….it’s just that there’s so many to choose from… Thanks for this….. It narrow down my choices….. Sensible choices…..

    • I always say it, but consistency is key! As tempting as it is, put together a simple brand board (I have free templates in our DIY design area) and stick to it! Thanks for reading, Jeferson.

    • Definitely, it’s your opportunity to make an amazing first impression to any potential clients. Use your brand to prove to them that you are the skilled, professional that you say you are.

  • Thanks for the awesome tips! I really want to create a memorable brand and understand what I need to do but am struggling with committing to colors/fonts. That ones on me lol but thank you for your tips!

    • You’re not alone there, Veronica. Those are some of the hardest decisions. I have a free color guide on our DIY Design Area (link at top of page), you may find useful. You can also find a ton of other tutorial, templates, stock photos and resources to use as you wish. Check it out!

  • A designer friend of mine created a logo for me and I use it on my website as a favicon and in the blog header. I decided to go with fuschia and turquoise blue because they are eye-catching colours.

    • Jennifer, it’s really sensible to use your logo (or an alternative Verizon of your logo) through out your website. You’ll be creating a really consist and memorable look for your audience, good work!

  • Sub logo’s do still show an extreme similarity to the original and helps to identify the brand. Your point is very valid that people also use certain colors to identify a brand. I guess that is why people put so much thought into the logo though, because it does typically identify your brand.

    • For sure! It’s all about being consistent with your main logo through out the rest of you branding. Thanks for reading, Bobbie!

    • I agree. More often than not, it’s what your potential client’s see first and will use to shape their initial reaction to you ability.

  • Really good and well written set of parameters for brand making. Thank you for your analyse. I would had that brand making is also the owner personality. If you don’t believe in what you do for people, you don’t have a brand.


  • Great post. I also believe that branding is the primary source of success of one blogger. One must separate oneself from the flock.

    • For sure! Visual branding give you the ability to stand out at a glance and hugely effects peoples first opinions of your blog/ business.

  • I totally agree with all these points. The colors in the logo should always the same whether online or in print. It is very crucial in branding your company logo.

    • Yes, Kristina, I completely agree. Font’s are such an important element and are probably one of the most forgotten about when DIY’ing design. Thanks for reading!

  • I agree, having an identity also means consistency and uniqueness. I love this color palette you shared.

  • I’m saving this post for when i redesign myblog’s logo. I went very simple for now but you have some great tips that i would like to implement next time.

    • Thanks, Sonila! Sometimes simple is the most suitable, do share with us your logo re-design when the time comes.

  • Agree that the logo alone does not add to the identity of the brand. There are other things to consider too. Great tips!

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