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Brand Identity. What is it?


Brand Identity is the core of your brand. It is what makes you recognisable to your audience and memorable to others. So, why is it so important? You want to stand out, you want to build a reputation and become memorable. A strong brand identity will do exactly this, building a professional presence.


What makes up your brand identity?

The first thing that will spring to mind is your logo. It is a common mistake that people pressure that alone makes up your brand. But, you couldn’t be more wrong. An example, CokeCola – One of the things we associate them with, is red. This meaning that colour is part of what makes up your brand identity.

Consider patterns or certain elements that feature in your logo. Could these become other elements of your brand identity such as your favicon? Does your brand have an imagery associated with it? May you use geometric shapes. Do they appear within your website or overlaying ad. or blog graphics? These are all methods of strengthening your brand identity and using all aspects of your brand identity in a consistent way to allow your brand to strive.

What else is there?

Again, using the same idea of consistency, think about the fonts you are using. Use those throughout any branding, advertising, web design etc. and people will begin to associate them with your brand. Top tip: Stick to a couple of fonts. Don’t confuse people! I have covered the use of fonts in a blog post about putting together your brand board. You might find this really useful: Step by Step Guide to Define your Visual Style

Here’s Fraser&Co Design’s brand board to give you an idea of how to create and design a consistent brand. This shows some of the brand elements that we have discussed above.


Fraser & Co Design, the FREE online hub for business owners and creatives who are ready to DIY their design, free resources, free walkthroughs and a community full of like-minded entrepreneurs.


Bringing things back to your logo. Consider how you can develop your logo and allow it to be consistent for numerous uses. This could be an email signature, a tall and narrow area, somewhere square. Have you considered having a sub-logo or logo alternatives? These come in really useful when needing a slightly different shape or simplified logo in numerous situations. These are almost your main logo with a slight twist. Again, an example of these can be seen on our Fraser&Co Design brand board, above.

So, bringing all of these elements together will do everything and more to strengthen your brand, allowing you to become recognisable in a huge world with lots of competition. Do your brand justice, don’t blend in with the crowd. STAND OUT. BE BOLD. BE CONSISTENT. You will see your brand sore.



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