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I’ve said it in previous blog posts but, I am going to start this one off the same. It is extremely important to understand the liscencing of any fonts that you download or purchase. I see so many people who don’t realise that this is a ‘thing’ until they are caught up in it. So, for that reason, when using a font make sure you have the right permissions to use it.

What makes a font feminine? Script fonts are popular at the moment and have a beautiful elegance to them. Although you wouldn’t want to use them all the time that are a lovely choice for a focus font e.g headings or within your logo. (I have written another post recently about those specifically: )

What makes a font professional? We’re looking for something readable here. Most importantly we are thinking about your audience. What are they looking for from your font and style? I really appreciate sans-serif fonts, often using ‘Quicksand’ amongst my branding/ web design. It is minimal and readable making a beautiful and professional looking font.

Below I have listed ‘The 5 Most Professional & Feminine Fonts You Should Use’.

1. Aaargh

2. Scriptina

3. Signatura Monoline Script

4. Nickainley

5. Fruitilla Script

(Note: It is your responsibility to check the font licences before use.)



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