All of those little muffles that tell you creating an e-course is easy… they’re all lies! This doesn’t mean it’s impossible though. The chances are, if you are developing your own e-course, you probably love the subject you’re working on. This suddenly turns a chore in to an enjoyable activity. Never let a big task put you off, just NEVER!

Suddenly you’re faced with a mountain to climb so, what do you do? Break that climb down in to manageable chunks. That is exactly how I have approached this course and below I will be outlining each ‘chunk’ and how I have developed it to perfectly suit and benefit my audience.

Where did I start?

Quite simply, the first thing on the list is to develop the concept, what is the subject and the reason for your course? Is this something that people will actually want to invest their time and money in? If that answers no, have a little re-think! Maybe, even ask your followers, because after all they are the people (most likely) that you are aiming this at!

We have our general concept, name and tag line, AMAZING! The hardest bit is done – Yes, we all hate those big decisions!!

What next? Now you need to make a giant list of content, don’t worry to much at this point just write everything that comes in to your head. You then have the opportunity to narrow this down in to lessons and modules to present a much clearer and structured plan to your potential customers! YOU GOT THIS! We’re doing well, the basic building blocks are well on the way.

Now, the CONTENT! The big chunk but, also a relatively simple chunk if you are really passionate and clued up about what you are teaching! This just takes some time, write, read, write, read and write some more. You may prefer to just bullet some points you want to cover in each module but equally you might like to write a script. The latter option does give you the opportunity to then produce an E-BOOK down the line with the same content – TIME IS MONEY after all!

How do you plan to present your e-course?

Some choose to use video, some chose to just use a recording and others prefer a purely visual course! This is totally personal choice and depends most on what you are comfortable with! Those that do choose video or sound often feel this gives a much more personal and engaging touch to their course. I have chosen to develop my course using a presentation with a voice over because I like the personal touch that comes with this! Recording your content can seem daunting but don’t forget at this stage no one is watching – go as crazy as you want! You have endless attempts to perfect it (or maybe you like the natural approach – which is just as fine)!

Content ready, concept sorted…. now its time to design! I would strongly suggest something that represents your brand but, having a little twist. It could be helpful to create a design board as you may have done with your branding in order to keep track of which fonts, colours and styles you will use throughout your e-course! This will keep things running really consistent and smoothly making the process easier for your customer – we don’t want to confuse them and scare them off at the first sign of chaos, we want them to get what they have paid for (or haven’t paid for!). Maybe, each module could be a different colour? This is totally down to your personal preference!

So, you’re ready to go! It’s that time to ask someone that has never seen it before to have a read, give you some honest feedback to allow you to perfect all of those straggly ends – Lets face it, with such a big project its inevitable to have a little touching up!


PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE! Do not spam… this is totally off putting – I mean it!! Social media, blog posts and anywhere that you can get the word out. Maybe you have a guest post opportunity or you’ve reached out to someone that could help! Grow your follower and subscribers… you want to sell this course that you’ve spent weeks working on!!!

Launch day, the day has come! Maybe you have done a pre-launch sale or you have a mountain of interested followers? Whatever it is, remind them that the course is now published and available to do – it is easy to forget with the busy lives we lead! Just a reminder that promotion never finishes, don’t let it fall in to the background!

GOOD LUCK, be excited and let that excitement reflect on to others… honestly, YOU GOT THIS! The hard work is done, sit back, relax and enjoy seeing people strive from your work!

Are you interested in growing you brand? I’ll tell you a secret… you get about 94% MORE VIEWS if you add attractive and compelling visuals to your work. Now tell me its not worth learning the skills to create seriously AMAZING results?



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