A landing page can be one of the most important areas of your website. It is a page that is there to serve a purpose. To do a job. The goal is to have success achieving whatever it is you intend to get out of your landing page. So, using design, how can you make your landing page a success?


The design of your landing page does so much more for your audience/ customer than you might initially expect. It is what dictates and controls how the user uses the page.

Imagine you had opened up a webpage, it had a hundred different options, pictures flying in and out and text that went on for days. The chances are that you have probably left that page before you’ve even found a sign up button to get your free flower basket.

My point here is, that the design and content tells your audience where to go, what to read and shows them whats important.

So, how can you achieve a successful and attractive landing page?

An amazing call to action. Somewhere on your landing page you will undoubtedly have a sign-up form, subscribe button, registration area or any form of payment area. In order for your audience to bother filling any of these things in, its extremely important that your call to action pushes them there. Your intention with your call to action it to provoke and immediate response. This can be done through imagery or type.

Once you have got your call to action all set up, you need to consider how you are going to then direct them to the form. My advice would be to make it obvious. Get rid of the extra images that you really don’t need. Do they actually do anything for your landing page or are they just a distraction? Place your form close to your CTA (call to action) and make it eye catching. Make it big, make it bold and make it easy for people to sign up!

Thinking about making it easy for people, how many of use sit at our computers every night now? Most of us don’t. Most of us a scrolling through our phones day in, day out. For this reason it is hugely important to make sure your landing page is mobile friendly. I can almost guarantee that a large proportion of your traffic will be using mobile or tablet devices. Don’t rule them out as potential customers/ buyers/ readers before they have even had the opportunity to look.

Im going to briefly come back to distractions. The most successful landing pages are stripped right back. Get rid of your menu bar, lose your footer and work on a completely basic blank page. Build from the ground up only adding what you actually need. If there is anything you feel could take your audience/ user away from your landing page, it needs to be gone.

Finally, put yourself in their shoes. Use the power of imagery, word and colour to take the user on a story, leading them to a final result where THEY WANT to take action without you pushing a sale on them. Consider what would appeal to you or your target audience and use that to build your landing page.

Landing pages are a super useful tool. A too that, quite often, isn’t used to its full potential. Don’t make those silly mistakes that send people in the wrong direction.

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12 Thoughts on “How to design a successful & attractive landing page”

    • You’re right, more isn’t always better. I’ve not heard of that rule of thumb before, I guess it depends what the last couple of elements are and what role they play.

    • For sure, its all about it being minimal and funnelling your reader down to the purpose.

  • Excellent design tips. You are correct that the landing page is one of the first impressions and it is like the old saying says “first impressions matter”. That holds true whether meeting people or building a blog. Nice post.

    • Thanks hope, I am glad you’ve found it useful. Often, I feel the importance of a good landing page is overlooked!

  • Looking at your website it is very clean and elegant that is my first impressions. As a new blogger I have so many things need to learn. Your point is very important because landing page must bring encouragement to the readers to read the content of your site. So it must be free from stressful design.

    • I am so glad you have found this post useful. Feel free to drop me a message if you need advice for your blog.

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