My design process is my foundation, it is my base and my starting point to many exciting adventures!


So, why is a design process so important?

I create my design process to individually suit my clients, allowing me to work specifically and personally to their wants and needs. This design process is so important because it lays the foundations for the whole project and it is what binds me and my client together. A design process is not solely for the designer, it is extremely useful for the client to understand how their project is going, too.

Research is key!

Yeah, I know, it may sound boring BUT it is essential to truly reflect the biz or blog I am working with through their brand… and guess what, you get to have some fun doing it! (I hear you all asking me, how?)

It’s time to make your mood and brand boards! Now, I see these as two completely different resources. To me a mood board is a collection of all that inspires you and what you do. Read more about my mood boarding in a recent guest post for Knead to Dough:Creating A Brand MoodboardWhere as a brand board is a much more refined and an ongoing resource. It is where you note down your brand’s fonts, colour palette and imagery. The patterns you use and your logo variations. This is a resource that shows your brand as a whole – I will come back to this later!

Requesting payment; I can’t really miss it out even if I would love to – depending on the cost of the project I either request payment upfront or a 50% deposit and the remaining before hand over of the final designs. This is purely to protect my time and work from clients that may give up half way through a project (not that this happens very often!) I totally know that the majority of you are the most perfect clients I could wish for!

Getting creative

Now comes the time that we make, create and develop all that our clients envision (or don’t!) It’s that exciting time when you get to see the work come to life on screen or on paper! Your dreams are becoming reality – yes, it is really that exciting!

I can’t forget to mention the importance of keeping to our discussed time limit. Our clients could have a HUGE meeting on Monday and if we’re running late with our designs that may hold our client back. So, it is our job to keep things running on or ahead of schedule (unless something crazy has come up – which we totally understand can happen!)

Back to the fun stuff, your final designs! It’s happening, it’s time for you to receive your final designs, it’s time for you to impress all of your followers! Depending on the package you choose you will get a variety of file types and colour versions. It’s time to show off your swanky new branding and it’s time for you to be proud of how you present your brand!

Develop your brand board

You are now at a point where you can develop your brand board. Note down exactly what fonts you’re using and what your colour palette is etc. This will enable your brand to keep growing whilst staying beautiful and consistent! Who wants a pieced together brand? Not me! That’s why this is so important!

Here’s an example of our Fraser & Co Design Board:

Branding is so important but, so is the process to get there!

It is a process that deserves the commitment and time. And, it is us as designers who are here to give you exactly that!


Get your hands on our FREE brand board template:


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  • This is so good.
    I have totally missed this part when I got my logo for my business.
    It is a new business and I feel that maybe I have made a few mistakes.

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