I have tried for several years to come up with the perfect organising system in my office. I’m still
working out the kinks but here are some tips to help get you started with what you could use, and
what I’ve learnt along the way!

1. Planners

My planners are vital to my organisation system for being successful as a Freelance Designer.. I
have one for work, my Kikki.K Black Textured Leather, and one for personal planning. In my work
planner, I tend to keep notes, things I need to reference, and project ideas. The best thing about
planners is that you can completely customise them to how you want. A tip for planning is to let
go of perfectionism. It can really strain that creative flow which is important for design. If you’re
completely new to planning, YouTube is a great place to check out some inspiration.

2. Desk Setup

Your desk setup is really important, as this is the place where you’ll likely be doing your most of
your work. If this is somewhere inspiring, you’re more inclined to be productive. A great tip is to
ensure your desk is tidy at the end of the work day, that way when you come in to get started in
the morning you will want to feel like working! Another great tip is to have your most used items
during the day on your desk. That way you can get to them quickly and won’t waste time
searching for them.

3. Labels

Labels. I use these to create sections in my work planner, in my file folders, pretty much
everywhere in my office. It really helps to keep things neat, tidy, and allows you to quickly and
easily find something when you want it.

4. Folders and/or binders

Folders are a great way to store documents. I’ve found that having a couple of these on my
bookshelf really help with my workflow. I use folders to store my tax returns, invoices, quotes, and
any other type of document that I might need for later.

5. Apps/software

I like to use the stock standard iOS apps – boring I know! I find they sync really well between all of
my devices, whether thats typing a note on my iPad, and having it show up on my iMac, or if its
creating a reminder on my phone. This system is really useful for keeping track of things on the
go, especially if you don’t want to carry your planner around everywhere.

I hope you found these tips useful, or even as a place to get you started. I’d love to see some of
your own organising systems for Freelance Design. You can tag my instagram @gcandydesign and
I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


Georgia Candy is a Graphic Designer from New Zealand. She enjoys working with clients to
establish recognisable brands and create memorable graphics. She often has a project on the go
whether it’s building a website or making calligraphy designs. She loves simple, creative designs
that really stand out and provide a unique perspective. You can contact her on Facebook or
Instagram, as well as through her website.

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