Sub-marks! Firstly, what are they? Sometimes referred as a logo alternative, it is a similar design to your logo. It is condensed or using slightly different layout or placements.

What is the purpose? The purpose is to allow your brand to be consistent whilst giving it versatility. It can fit in numerous situations, for example, your website favicon (the little image in the tab bar), branding stickers, your email signature. The list could go on.

Your sub-mark is a key element to strengthen your brands identity. It is recognisable to your main logo, using the same font, same colours, maybe just using your initials as apposed to your full name. But, the overall feel, style, theme and message to your sub-mark is completely recognisable to your logo.

I once saw the quote somewhere saying, “Your sub-mark confirms the message that you logo is telling you.” (or something along those lines.) This is so true, it’s is almost a backup to your main logo to reiterate what you do and continue to give your audience confidence in your ability, knowledge and/ or services.

Below I have added my brand board to show you the example of my sub-mark and alternatives. As well of this you can see where and how I have chosen to use them:


Most importantly remember, “Your sub-mark confirms the message that you logo is telling you.” and consistency is key!



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10 Thoughts on “Why is a Sub-mark so Important?”

  • As much as I understand, A sub mark is another element that is pulled from the main logo. It’s usually smaller than the main logo and is often used as a favicon or profile picture. Sub marks are especially helpful to brands with long business names because they provide a simple alternative to their main logo. However, Brand boards show the client every element of their visual brand- all together in one neat document. They’re important because they help convey a brand’s values, attributes, and personality in one glance.

  • OH I absolutely agree! I made a submark for my blog involuntarily without even realizing what i was doing! But it serves the purpose for sure

    • Yes, totally! They are such a small element, but really take your brand to the next level.

    • Hi Boobie, you’re right! We all learn from somewhere and I am glad that people have learnt from this post.

    • Hi Andrea, I recommend all brand using having them. It creates a stronger brand as a whole for all of the reasons you have just read. If you ever need some advice regarding them, just shout!

  • I’m one of those who did not realize that sub-marks exist. I also didn’t know how important they could be for branding purposes. Thanks for the insightful information as well as the resource you provided at the end to DIY!

    • I hope you make fabulous use out of the free resources, stock photos, templates etc. that you can find there! 🙂

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