Rebranding is a super exciting time for any business, blog or brand. It is an amazing opportunity to launch a whole new, updated and relatable look that will represent you for your future.

Now, where to begin? I will run through my ticks to launch your amazing re-brand and make it successful!

Make a brand board. The most important element of your rebrand is to keep it consistent, are you using 10 different fonts or have you narrowed them down to two or three that you are using across the board. Using fewer will be so much more memorable to your audience which is exactly what we want to achieve from a re-brand. Using your brand board you can cast your eye over multiple elements of your brand to insure it is consistent and ready for your re-brand. Want to know more about a creating a brand board? CLICK HERE!

Whats the purpose? Ask yourself a few questions before setting out, why are you re-branding? Do you want to clarify your brand identity? Maybe the direction of your blog or business has changed since you initially began or you are in a better situation to invest in professional branding. The main thing to understand is your vision and where you want to take your re-brand.

Leading on from this it’s important to ask yourself, is it still recognisable to your original brand? Are you doing a totally overhaul and starting a fresh or will you be more successful to keep certain elements of you existing brand alive? Only you know the answer to this question. Get a fresh pair of eyes, a friend, colleague or family member to honestly tell you what they see when they look at your current branding. This can help you determine what you need to change and what elements need to be included in your re-brand.

Doe your re-brand include setting up a website? Doe it include stepping out further than you have with your brand previously. Don’t be scared, this is really exciting! I host with SiteGround who I couldn’t recommend enough. ( This is my affiliate link, if you are looking for reliable and affordable hosting for your website.

Is there a date? Are you setting yourself a deadline, a big day for your special launch? I’ll give you my honest opinions on this topic. A lot of people enjoy the excitement of a launch day however, what is stopping you showing the world what you already have. Maybe those 10 page views that you miss prior to launch could send things viral, result in product purchases or anything to rocket your business/ blog. Whats stopping you hit launch, there’s never a better time to get the ball rolling than NOW!

Finally, tell people. Share on social media. Get the word out about how exciting and fantastic your new re-brand is looking. It’s your time to show off and be proud of what you have achieved.

Still wondering if SiteGround is for you? Go and see for yourself, check out what is on offer and bring your business/ blog to life!

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