To begin with, it is really important to understand the liscencing of any fonts (inc. script fonts) that you download or purchase. I see so many people who don’t realise that this is a ‘thing’ until they are caught up in it. So, for that reason, when using a font make sure you have the right permissions to use it.

Script fonts are super trendy right now, specifically hand drawn type. Using this in small quantities throughout your website or within your logo design can be really effective. The key is to be consistent but don’t over use it. Pairing script fonts with a sans-serif or a more simple font works really well.

Below I have listed my ‘Top 20 Beautiful & FREE Script Fonts’.

(Note: These fonts ‘should’ all be free to use for commercial use BUT please, check this before use incase licences or purchase options have changed. This is your responsibility.)


Want to know more about using fonts? Check out our guide to ‘PICKING THE RIGHT FONT’.


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