Your brand is made up of more than just the design. Your brand is the whole package. You are part of your brand. I can honestly say that those I most associate with having a strong and influential brand are the bloggers and biz owners that show you the all. The good, the bad, the reality and not just the sugar coated versions.

These are the brands that I can relate to and trust.

In fact, I was watching a live video that a fellow biz owner, Becky Mollenkamp, did and it was so eye opening to see the reality and not just the pretty pictures.

Saying this, how can we use design to make a strong and influential brand?

Firstly, you want people to believe that you know what you’re talking about. Have confidence in yourself and your profession and reflect that in the design that represents your brand. Show the audience your true voice. Trust me – your followers will have much more confidence in you, if you do.

How do I show this through design? Consider your ideal audience. Who is your target market. One thing I have found really useful is creating an avatar. Grab a pen, create the person that you are targeting. Write down their likes, dislikes, hobbies, age, gender, profession etc. and narrow it down as much as you can. Now, consider ways that you could approach people from this demographic to get to know them a little more, find out how their brains work! Take this information and use it as a base for anything you are designing.

Whilst considering your ‘avatar’ you also want to show your own voice through your design. Make it personal. Allow them to relate to what your are saying or teaching them.

Most importantly, brand are but over time. No one becomes influential and genuinely followed by thousands of people over night. It takes time. Be honest with your design, allow it to reflect the reality and truth behind your brand and you will see the trust that it brings.

Don’t water your design down to please everyone. Keep it unique and true to you, your niche and your audience. This will bring success. These are all key elements to consider when designing your brand identity and marketing. Show the world the truth through your design.



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