We all know it, and it’s true, the key to a successful relationship is a happy relationship. Surprisingly, this applies to all designer and client relationships too!

Firstly, as a designer, we want to do our job to our best ability and this takes a well organised relationship. Yes, we have wonderful clients but, there are occasions when an unwanted situation may occur. It is our job to understand how to discuss and implement what we are doing. As well as this, listening to the clients wants and needs to avoid these situations.

How do we as designers do that?

Well, as a designer, it is our job to be open. We need to be open to all sorts of ideas. W need to take the time to listen to what the client wants from us. It is our job to enforce limits and clearly state what is covered within the project. This needs to be done prior to commencing the work. This will lead to a much more honest working relationship.

What can the client do to improve a designer / client relationship?

I absolutely LOVE working with my clients and the communication between myself and the client is one of the most import parts. It is essential that we are honest with each other about what is working and what isn’t to get the most out of the project we are working on. Don’t fear that this might upset us, we’re used to positive and negative feedback – it’s totally normal!

Don’t expect too much!

I can’t stress enough that as a client you need to ensure they you understand from your designer exactly what your payment covers if you’re unsure. This way there will be no confusion later down the line.

Consideration… Designers need to consider and understand that as blog and business owners you probably don’t have five hours a day to be discussing how things are going and we are very accepting of that. We take the project at your own pace however, this is something clients shouldn’t take advantage of. If we discuss a two to three week timescale keep that in mind. Don’t go two weeks without making contact. If you do feel that you will need a longer period, communicate that with us. I can garuntee nearly all designers will be fine with this, they just want to know at the beginning to judge how much other work they can take on at the time – if they do.

Finally, don’t be scared! Speak up, this is a fun and exciting process. A process that you are highly involved in and the key to a successful working relationship is communication and honesty. If you’re not happy with something, tell us. If you’re asking for more than we agreed, we’ll tell you!

Furthermore, don’t leave your designer in the cold, keep in touch (not every five minutes but regularly enough to keep the process rolling.) We will do the same, we will keep you informed and highly involved with your personal design process so that both sides work as a team and enjoy the process as well as the outcomes!

To conclude, designing should be fun so, relax, enjoy it and look forward to what’s to come!



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