Did you know that 93% of searches start with a search engine? If your blog post link showed up in even 1/8 th of those searches wouldn’t that be huge for your wedding business?

Blogging for your wedding business can definitely do that for you + your business. Blogging is powerful. Blogging can get you ranked + ranked high in the search engines. Blogging can get you in front of the brides + grooms that you’re trying to attract to your wedding business.

Check out these 5 ways blogging is fab for your wedding business + how blogging can actually BOOK YOU MORE WEDDINGS:


1. Blogging Gives You Credibility

Blogging is all about sharing wedding information with wedding couples that are currently in the throes of planning their wedding. Because you are sharing all of this wonderful, helpful + relevant wedding information with brides + grooms, it gives you credibility as a wedding pro.

2. Blogging Pins You as an Expert

Whatever your role is in the wedding industry–creating the perfect wedding cake, planning weddings or shooting wedding photographs–you are the expert at doing it. Nobody does it like you, right? Blogging allows you to put your own spin on your little corner of the wedding world.

Blogging allows you to share your expert advice + tips–allowing you to position yourself as the expert that you are. EVERYONE wants to work with the expert so when wedding couples start to find + read your blog posts, they soon realize you are the expert that they want to work with for their wedding.

3. Blogging Books You Weddings

It’s worth mentioning again that blogging is all about sharing useful + relevant information with wedding couples. Blogging can book you more weddings + book your calendar solid. I can’t tell you how many times wedding pros hear, “I’ve been following your blog (or you) for a while + now I want to hire you.”

It happens. It is how business gets done. Blogging allows couples to get to know you + know you as a wedding pro before they dial you up for a consultation or sit with you face-to-face. Blogging sets the foundation. Blogging can open doors that no other avenue of marketing your wedding business can do.

4. Blogging Builds Your List


The list. The list. It’s all in the list.

You’ve probably heard something like this about a million and one times. To a wedding pro, it’s important that you are capturing the contact information of the brides + grooms that are visiting your website so you work your magic to turn them into booked weddings.

Blogging is a great way to attract the right brides + grooms to your website + a fab + easy way to capture the info of the wedding couples that are visiting + reading your site + blog. Getting these wedding couples on your list is the first step. It affords you the opportunity to continue your conversation with them beyond them reading your blog post, so you can then CONVERT them into paying clients—booked weddings.

5. Blogging Positions You as THE Source for Wedding Info

Let’s face it, brides + grooms are information hounds. They are constantly on the hunt for wedding-related information, advice, tips + resources. You name it, they want to know about it. When you provide them with this information in your blog posts, pump the brakes…You’ve just become the source of wedding info they’ve been looking for all this time. The great thing about blogging is that it keeps wedding couples engaged with your blog/website/business + keeps them coming back for more. So what are you waiting for? Get your blog up + running on your wedding business website + get blogging!


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Author Bio:

I’m Kristie Lorette McCauley. I have a word addiction and I’m not afraid to use it (or admit it). In my past life, I was a certified wedding planner. In my current life, I am the wedding planner content + copy writer. I use my writing + wedding planning experience to turn your thoughts into words that land you DREAM brides + grooms + book your calendar solid. I also have some swag in my bag for wedding pros. You can check out these resources for wedding pros in my Swag Bag.



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