What is a brand? A brand is what represents exactly what you do. It is your symbol and first and foremost it is how you are recognized. In reading this I presume you already realise how important a well -considered and developed brand actually is.


So, the big question, how do I visually define my brand?


Step 1:

Well, it all starts somewhere, often somewhere really vague and uncertain. From this starting block you will be able to pull out elements that will come together to create and define your brand. The best way to start is by mood boarding. (Check out my recent guest post for Knead to Dough:Creating A Brand Moodboard.)

This is your opportunity to research in a super fun way. What brands do you love? What do you think works well together and most importantly what reflects your brand’s theme?

Step 2:

What are you trying to portray? Consider your brand’s content, you want to be displaying a clear message. After all, if we have no idea what your blog or business is about, what will draw us in? This is really important and something not to be missed! Your findings may look gorgeous but they are worthless if they don’t do the job well – sorry, sometimes we have to be a little ruthless!

Step 3:

My next task for you is to write down the first five words that come to mind when you think about your brand. This is a really useful exercise to pull out your initial imagery and feelings.

Now it’s time to reflect that in your mood board, whether that’s a collage stuck to your wall or a board on Pinterest, I would love you to spend 15 minutes really considering how you can visually portray these words through images.

Step 4:

Your brand is starting to come together! It’s time to narrow down everything you have collected, it’s time to really pinpoint exactly what reflects your brand.

What colours are most suitable? What keeps it clear and simple? Is there one specific signature element? Identify the odd ones out because, although they might look pretty, we don’t need to be hanging on to things that aren’t going to help rocket our brand – which WILL happen by the way!

Step 5:

We now have one remaining style. I want you to look at what’s left and ask yourself if that really represents your brand? Is it coherent and consistent? If yes – YAY, well done!!! If it’s a no, re-address step 4 and consider other elements you might narrow down to. Sometimes this takes a bit of time. There are so many options and its totally normal to not pick the best one first, stick at it – you’ll get there!

Step 6:

Form a modified mood board, these are your final elements that you feel visually represent your brand and express your brand’s personality – yes, your brand has feelings too!

You now have a wonderful resource to constantly fall back to which expresses exactly what you do and how you do it. Maybe you’re having a mind blank and need some inspiration to write, maybe you’re feeling slightly un-attached or maybe you’re just so pleased with what you have produced you cant’ stop going back to it! Whatever it is, it’s a fabulous resource to have and a wonderful way to keep a consistent and strong brand for the world to see!

There is no one way to define your brand style but, I hope these simple steps make it that little bit simpler, clearer and far more exciting!

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