We all learn from someone, somewhere. Below, I have listed the 20 most useful blog posts that I have stumbled across since beginning Fraser&Co Design. These cover all aspects of blogging and business such as marketing, design, influences, legal considerations and growing a engaged audience. All written by other entrepreneurs.


1. Biz Ladies: How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Business, Part I.

2. WP Barista: How to Get Closer to Your Blog Readers.

3. Brand IT Girl: How to Overcome Business Blocks and see Progress and Success.

4. Kathryn Hocking: You Cannot please Everyone.

5. Melyssa Griffin: Create a Blog that Converts.

6. Nesha Woolery: Should you Switch from Freelancing to Selling products.

7. Melyssa Griffin: 9 Facebook groups for Entrepreneurs and Bloggers.

8. Nesha Woolery: Pricing Strategy for Freelance Designers.

9. Melyssa Griffin: How and Why you should think Beyond your Blog if you want to Monetize your site.

10. Melyssa Griffin: How to Create Time Saving Systems for your Business and Blog.

11. Kathryn Hocking: How to Have a Big Launch, Without a Big List.

12. Kimi Kinsey: Why You Need to Schedule Social Media.

13. Becky Mollenkamp: 5 Business Tools Worth Every Penny.

14. Melyssa Griffin: The #1 System to Grow Your Traffic, Email list and Sales.

15. Becky Mollenkamp: Webinars for Beginners (Part1).

16. Melyssa Griffin: Social Media, Do you really need to be using it to grow your business?

17. Kimi Kinsey: 3 Terrific reasons why you need to grown email list.

18. WP Barista: Tracking Visits Within WordPress.

19. Nesha Woolery: How to Set a Freelance Income Goal.

20. Melyssa Griffin: How and Why you should be using Webinars in your Business.

What did I take from my fellow entrepreneurs? Firstly, everyone makes mistakes. Embrace them, learn from them and move on.


Secondly, networking is key! We don’t do enough of it and it is actually something I thoroughly enjoy. Getting to know other creatives or budding business ladies (and gents) is such a thriving thing to do. It’s really fulfilling seeing what others have achieved.

Furthermore, know your rights. I made a few slip ups at first. I learnt form them. Always signs contracts. Small or large, you never know what the future can bring so the safest option will always be to protect yourself.

Carrying on from this, I found myself fascinated by the different techniques other entrepreneurs use to drive genuine traffic to their blog. It is SO important to grow a loyal and passionate audience. An audience that are truly interested in what you can teach them.



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