Remember the saying, ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’? Well, I wish I could tell you that people didn’t judge things by their first impressions. The simple reality of it is that most people do.

The good thing about this though, is that you are in charge of it!

First of all, you have every single choice in what your audience see’s first. This is a such an important aspect to grow your blog or business. We all love colour, we all love things that look pretty!

Come on, lets admit it we spend much more time on pages that are aesthetically pleasing than a page that was so overwhelming we couldn’t concentrate on what brought us there in the first place. Why is this? Because, it attracts us!

My point is, branding matters! Branding is what people remember. It’s what reminds people they want to go back for more!

Your brand could become your future selling point! Now tell me quality branding design isn’t something worth investing in?



I will be the first to accept that some home designed logos are wonderful. I have seen some really beautiful work produced by non-designers.
But, when it comes to purchasing a logo for £5 online, is it really going to be the best option to represent your brand? Is your brand only worth £5.

This is a serious question to ask yourself. You need to stand out from the rest. The way to do that is by putting time and effort into developing a successful and consistent brand. Furthermore, you want to leave people remembering your brand above the rest.


Your brand isn’t made up of just one logo. Your brand is a whole package and a designer will reflect this in a mood board. They will do this by summarising your fonts, colours, themes and inspiration etc. This is an extremely valuable resource!

Whether you are writing your latest blog post or you want to advertise your newest subscription offer, your audience will need to know its you and they won’t always have a logo stuck in front of their eyes to do this. This is why constancy is so important.

You want people to scroll down pinterest and remember how great your last post was, recognise you new one and read more! This brings us back to successful branding and your designer will know exactly how to do that. They will know which typefaces to use, the layout and how to design it so it is unique to you and your brand. Branding is a package – not just a logo.


We all have an idea of how we want to present ourselves and our brand through design, this is natural and a really fun aspect of working with a designer. Its your opportunity to put your thoughts into practice and see professional results with your ideas coming to life. A designer has the ability to take an idea and bring out its full potential to really showcase your unique style. They will help you achieve your goals and make a lasting impression!


Finally, lets be realistic, I know how much time running a business takes up, scheduling everything you can to fit in some personal time or a second to write a new blog post. Have you really got time to spend re-branding your blog or business. I can take a wild guess that your response is probably, No! In conclusion, why not let a designer take all of that work off your hands because after all, Design is an investment, don’t forget that!




Founder and owner of Fraser & Co Design, your FREE online hub for DIY design. I look forward to helping you on your design journey!